PCM Final Renderings_Page_1PCM Final Renderings_Page_4PCM Final Renderings_Page_3PCM Final Renderings_Page_2PCM Final floorplansPCM Final diagramPicket Cotton mill setionPCM Final furniture bandThis has been a wonderful project to work on for my last semester. My haiku described history, progression, and layers. These were things I wanted to be mindful of as I made certain design choices. During the final critique, some of the suggestions I received was to think more about the public versus private aspect of the second floor. Eddie really appreciated the idea of the fitness center, bet thought this space would be better suited for the first floor. Many of the critiques appreciate the “monumental stair” on the main floor. I think designing this staircase was a challenge, but in the end I think it conveyed the market-like atmosphere and a central point for people to gather. Another aspect of the project that the critiques thought was a good idea was the grouping and layout of the apartments. At first my apartments lined ┬áin a row down a long hallway, I chose to set back the studio apartments to create a grouping of four apartments to create a more community feel. Some of the other suggestions were to really think about the “prime real estate” that the windows offer on the second floor and fill it with apartments rather than dedicating so much space to the fitness center and laundromat. Overall, I was quite pleased with the work I was able to accomplish and know it will be a great addition in my portfolio!


PCM midterm floorplanPCM midterm perspectives_Page_1PCM midterm perspectives_Page_2PCM midterm perspectives_Page_3 Reviewer Feedback:

Lauren Postlmayr: Place fired doors where the coffee and bar area meet. Reduce the size or put furniture in large corridor next to stairs. Put furniture in offices and art gallery space. Show sinks. Consider a different column in bookshop, one that contrasts the existing ones.

Mitch Wilds: Consider an additional restroom in center of space. Likes the bookshop and the separation of consumption and production. Think more about what the walls are or the market, retail, and event space

Tim Simmons: Nice rhythm and balance. The layout works well. Possibly open up garage doors for additional restaurant seating. Include storage in event space.

Eddie Belk: The furniture in event space usually includes an 8 person table. Consider a peninsula in event space for serving food. Open us market wall near entrance to be able to see in. Put in glass to see into restaurant from entrance. The office is too big, reduce the size and put retail in front of it. Switch the art studio and event space. Celebrate volume and height, have areas in the event space where it is elevated for seating.